As the Chinese population strives for bilingual and westernised education, the international and private school market is booming. The local industry generates close to $4bn in annual tuition fees income, reports ISC Research. The market though is grappling with untapped opportunities in some regions, and saturation in the others.

IBC Asia’s 3rd International Schools China once again returns to address the challenges confronting a fragmented market, growth and innovation opportunities, and most importantly, showcasing strategies for enhancing student outcomes.

Conference Highlights:

  • The ONLY such conference with a focus on international and private schools
  • 3rd successive year with demonstrated success and proven industry support
  • Executive Leadership Roundtable on school strategy, innovation and growth
  • Students’ Interview – what makes for a differentiated learning experience
  • School case studies on growth strategies, going digital, and innovation in teaching

Featured Speakers

Richard Gaskell
Schools Director, ISC Research

Marcel Gauthier
Head of School, Shanghai American School

Douglas K. Prescott
Head of School, Canadian International Schools of Beijing

Gerard MacMahon
Executive Master, Wellington College International Shanghai 

David Swanson
Head of School, International School of Nanshan Shenzhen

Dr. Nicholas Dwyer
Principal & CEO, Haileybury International School Tianjin

Karl Yin
Vice Chairman, HIK Group, Founder & CEO, Forte Education Consultancy, Founder & Chairman, HIK SVS International School

Past Audience Reviews

"I appreciated the opportunity to be part of this conference and to hear the innovative ideas of others in my field. Thank you!"

Jennifer Sachs, Administrative Principal, Hyde Academy

"Very good initiative that sheds light on a very hot topic not only in China but across the world - international education."

Stephanie Lawrence, International Co-ordinator - Academics, Suzhou North America HS

“The conference was informative and well organised. The conference organisers were helpful, resourceful and gracious. It was a very pleasant experience.”

Arshia Azam, College Counsellor, Suzhou North America High School

“Great way to network with professionals and share current/up to date pedagogies within China specifically. Very useful 2 days for any leader in China.”

Daniel Nichol, Deputy Head of Junior School, Dulwich International

“Good event! Useful information, know more experts. Yes, I would like to attend the conference next year”

Song Hai, General Manager, Shanghai Pangu Realty Co. Ltd.

“Well organized; Very pertinent Chinese topics and excellent selection of presenters and panelists.”

Catharine O. Endo, School Head, St Maur International School

“I believe this is a good conference, and should be carrying on next year.”

Jack Chou, Board Executive Director & Principal, Beijing SMIC Private School

“I have found the event to be simulating great connections and ideas.”

Shelly Luke Wille, Head of School, Chadwick International

“Very effective format. I learned much more than I have in other conferences. Provides relevant information and dialogue.”

Richard Mast, Director of Curriculum, Chenshan School

“It is exciting to hear from top educators working in the country. The session on “Marketing and Admission” is in particular useful to our school as it helps us to position ourselves in the competitive market place and allows us to differentiate our approach from approaches of other schools”

Calvin Tse, Deputy Head, IGCSE and IB DP Coordinator, Kiangsu-Chekiang College, International Section

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